The mission of the Estes Park Western Heritage Foundation is “To support educational initiatives that help preserve and/or promote Western heritage in the Estes Valley.”  Because the Foundation is in its infancy, the initial funds raised through donations will go toward the development of the following areas:

 The improvement of the Rooftop Rodeo.  Although the Rooftop was officially established in 1926, it actually emerged from bronco busting events held in Estes as early as 1903. While the Rooftop Rodeo is a 501 (c) (4) organization, there are many educational aspects of the Rooftop that can be supported by the Foundation such as the production of education seminars on rodeo, The Behind the Chutes Education Program, add facility improvements designed to enhance the learning experience and the educational aspects of the Royalty program.

2015 Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Michelle Claypool 2015 Foundation Scholarship Recipient

The Western Heritage Foundation Scholarship program.  Qualifying high school seniors, college students, and public school teachers can apply for scholarships each April.  The Foundation will provide funds to support this program based on funds available.

Foundation operational growth.  Basically, the Foundation is a startup company.  While it is a completely volunteer organization, funds are still needed to make it a viable eternity for now and future years.

To help in the financial development of the Foundation, the 1st annual  Windows to the West Art Show and Sale was conducted in 2015.  The 2nd annual Window to the West Art Show and Sale will occur June 3 -5, 2016. Operational funds are needed from corporate and private donors.

Windows to the West Western Art Sale and Exhibit This show brings together great Western artists to display their work in oil, pencil, acrylic, pastels, and water color, as well as excellent Western sculpture.  Funds are needed to purchase hanging panels and lights and marketing.

Donations from corporations and private individuals are needed in all four of the above areas.

·         Funds can be donated as, non-designated, funds wherein the Foundation management will place them in the area or areas of greatest need, or

·         As designated funds.  Designated funds can be directed to one or more of the specific needs of the Foundation as listed above.

Estes Park Western Heritage Foundation is a Colorado Nonprofit and a 501 (C)(3) Corporation.

How to Donate:  

or mail your checks to:
Estes Park Western Heritage Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 2301
Estes Park, CO 80517

If you would like to talk to the Chairman of the Foundation please call, Dr. Howell F. Wright, at 970-231-1738 or send an email.

We are grateful to the following organizations and individuals for their support:

Estes Park Western Heritage, Inc.
Town of Estes Park
Michael and Jennifer Knight
Valley Steel & Wire Co.
Howell and J’Ann Wright
Randy and Terrie Wright

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