Updated: February 12, 2016

When one starts a new initiative, with specific goals, there is often the hope that everything will get done immediately. Well in the real world that is seldom the case. At the Foundation, we had big plans for our first year and most of them were actually accomplished. However, for our primary objective of supporting our community and other nonprofit organizations that have missions similar to ours, we could have done better. We did get the organization formed; we did produce the largest art event in Estes Park’s history, and we did award our first student scholarship. We did all this and we finished the year in the black. So, I am not putting on a frown! The volunteers who took up the challenge did a fantastic job. We had sponsors, donors, and friends who believed in what we wanted to do and they stepped forward. It was a good year.

In 2016 (Oct. 1- Sep. 30) we are really going to move. We are partnering with two other top art shows (Cheyenne Frontier Days and Greeley Stampede) in what is being called the Mountain States Art Trail or MSAT. We are also partnering with the Estes Park Museum Friends and Foundation, to help it achieve its mission of supporting the Estes Park Museum. The 2016 Windows to the West Art Show and Sale promises to be even better than the 2015 show. We will make the art show weekend a true art extravaganza and provide for a full weekend of art related activities. We will also support the creation of the Estes Arts District, a new community wide art initiative in Estes Park.

If you have the resources, please go to our donation button and send what you can. If you would like to know how you can participate in the Foundations’ activities please give me a call. There is a lot to be done and we need your help.

Check the Foundation webpage on a regular basis. The new Windows to the West webpage (www.windowswestart.com) and the associated Facebook page will keep you up to date on all things Western Art. It is going to be a great year, saddle up and come along for the ride.

“Keep the Wind to your  back and a smile on your face”

Howell Wright

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